This release makes it a lot easier to set up default settings: Just tick the check box left of the ‘Done’ button when you are about to start a session.

I’ve also made the internal buffer size into a parameter you can set when configuring the viewer.

Finally I updated the image and text for the text viewer documentation.

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This was a really small release that only added functionality for the main for to remember its size and position between runs.

Both the installer and the executable is now signed with my personal code signing certificate.

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As I noted in the previous post; code wise this release is for a small fix that have a big impact on the RssListener.

I had crippled the handling of character encoding in the xml stream for feeds.

The other change I’ve made is that I got a code signing certificate from Comodo

This should make the download a bit nicer in Internet Explorer.

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I just fixed a bug regarding character encoding in the RssListener.

The way I loaded the news feed into the XML parser broke the character encoding in the parser.

This also had me verify that right to left languages works as expected.
Thanks to my coworker who happens to read the same language that prompted the bug report!

I don’t have time to make a proper release for a couple of days due to my kids school ending for the summer.

If you feel brave and really want a better RssListener you can test my debug version that is here: until I make a proper release.

Big thanks to the user who gave me the bug report.

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Yesterday I made a small release fixing a bug and another small issue.

The bug probably made the folder listener unusable since it wrote the names of the application internal objects instead of the actual content.

The small fix is that a change of the name of a running session now will update the title of the session window.

Thanks to a nice donation I am about to buy a certificare so that I can sign the installer. Hopefully that will remove a lot of the browser warnings when downloading it.

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