MySql Listener does a tail on a table in a MySql Database. The documentation is a copy of the MSSQL-Listener. Please comment if you have questions or want some changes.

  • Prefix: A small text that is shown before the event in the viewer to indicate where the event came from.
  • Server: Hostname or IP of the SQL-Server
  • User: Username to use for login.
  • Password: Password to use for login.
  • Database: The databes to use.
  • Table: The table to watch.
  • Max Column: The column to SELECT MAX from to find new rows.
  • Poll intervall: How often, in milliseconds, to check the table for new rows.
  • Start at end: When this is checked only new items are showed. When it is not checked the listener starts with getting all rows in the table.

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New session

This is where you start a new session. See related topics and documents Configure


Clears the active window.


Stops the active viewer from showing new events. All new events are cached until the button is pressed again.


Manages the actions for the current viewer. Actions


Shows the session configuration dialog. Where you can add and remove listeners and actions from the current session. Configure


Enables you to organize the open session windows.


  • About: Will show a dialog with some application data.
  • Documentation: Opens the help file in your default web browser.
  • Check for updates: Will check online if there is a new version of the application available.
  • Register filetype: Associates the .l4n extension with logview4net so that you can doubleclick on a settings file to open the application.

Context menu

There is a context menu in each session window that has options tho quickly create actions based on selected text in the viewer.

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Here you can set how most of the events will look on screen.

Remove surrounding whitespace When checked whitespace around events will be removed befor showing them on screen.

Cache events on pause This will save events in memory and shown when you unpause the viewer.

Show listener header Some listeners add column headers to the events if you check this one.

Save to file If you check this ALL received events will be saved to a file before they are filtered or shown on screen. Rolling decides when the log file is closed and a new one created. This is to stop the file from becoming to big.

Max number of characters in the viewer When there are these many characters in the viewer 10% will be removed from the top. If you don’t need a lot of history you can set this to a low number to save some memory.

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You can put any amount (within reason) of filenames on the command-line when starting the application. If there are filenames on the commandline all listeners in the default session will be removed and new ones will be created as described below.

  • A file name with the .l4n extension will remove the default session and start a new according to the settings in the file. The configuration window will not be shown on startup. Make sure this is the first argument on the command line if you intend to add more arguments.
  • A folder name will create a folder listener for that folder.
  • A file name with the .exe extension will start the application with a predefined StdOut listener.
  • Any other file name will create a file listener for that file.

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There is a file in the application folder named DefaultSession.xml which is a file of the same type you get when you save a configuration. By replacing the file you can have another default setup than the one that comes with the install. Remember to save a copy of your file since it will be overwritten by the installer of a new version of the application.

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