Actions are instructions to the viewer how it should react to different events. When an event is received by the viewer it looks through the associated actions from the top and applies the first matching action. An action is concidered a match when its pattern matches one or more words in the log event.

  • Pattern: A string to match against the text of an event

  • Action type: What to do when an event matches the pattern.

  • Color: The fore color to use for the hightlight action.

  • Delete: Press the Delete button corresponding to an actions you want to remove from the current session.

  • Add: Adds an action to the current session.


Enables coloring of an event.


Makes the event not to appear in the viewer.

Pops up a messagebox with the event data.

Highlight match

Enables coloring of the matched content inside the event.

Start ignore

Tells the viewer to start ignoring all events until it receives an End Ignore action.

End ignore

Tells the viewer to start showing events again after ignoring them. The events are not counted so one End will terminate the ignoring even if there has been five Start actions.