New session

This is where you start a new session. See related topics and documents Configure


Clears the active window.


Stops the active viewer from showing new events. All new events are cached until the button is pressed again.


Manages the actions for the current viewer. Actions


Shows the session configuration dialog. Where you can add and remove listeners and actions from the current session. Configure


Enables you to organize the open session windows.


  • About: Will show a dialog with some application data.

  • Documentation: Opens the help file in your default web browser.

  • Check for updates: Will check online if there is a new version of the application available.

  • Register filetype: Associates the .l4n extension with logview4net so that you can doubleclick on a settings file to open the application.

Context menu

There is a context menu in each session window that has options tho quickly create actions based on selected text in the viewer.