I think I have annoyed enough users and it is not worth the money.

The big download button now gives you a clean installer without bundled software.

There is still a link to the installer with software offers that you can use if you feel brave and generous.

The latest software offers that obfuscates the cancel and decline buttons by making them look disabled are really nasty. I could still sleep knowing some users might feel tricked into install crap, but having a large user base feeling forced to accept it is not very pleasant.


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I appreciate all you users who have downloaded  and installed logview4net even though it currently has a horrible installer that more or less forces you to install a lot of crap.

Please note that you can click the grey ‘Cancel’ and ‘Decline’ buttons even though they look disabled.

If you’d rather have a clean installer you can use the link bellow the button.

I will remove the software bundle as soon as I make it enough to get paid from InstallMonetizer.

This week I got a very nice donation so I plan to buy a code signing certificate to make the installer look less suspicious to the browsers.


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Release 13.05 adds the ability to drag and drop file and folder names into any textbox when configuring a listener.


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This is a small release that fixes a bug that I introduced with the ability to save all events to a file.

I also removed an unnecessary binary and got the install package a bit smaller.


Change log:
Removed a binary component, a launcher, that wasn't doing anything useful.
Fixed bug in the rolling file storage that stopped polling listeners from running when there were more than one new line/message.

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Today I got a patch for the SqlListener.

I didn’t use the patch, but it got me looking at that particular implementation and I could cut even more than Pavel suggested.

Please tell me if you find the Sql and MySql listeners are behaving funny now.

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