Starting the new year with a release.

All thanks to Olivier who made some nice bug reports and sugested a new Action.

The new Action is called Hide and lets you hid messages until you want to see them. It works a litle bit like the Payse button, but uses a regulas expresson to trigger just like all other actions.

To show all hidden messages; press the tool bar button names Hidden.

To show only messages hidden for a particular regular expression; right klick in the text area and select the action you want messages shownd for in the pop up menu.

Here are the release notes for logview4net 12.01:

  • Fixed: [3467144] Filter displayed events (but do not ignore or remove them).
  • Added an action that will filter out messages.
  • Added a button in the toolbar to show all hidden messages.
  • Added items in the pop up menu for a viewer to show hidden messages per action.
  • Fixed: Added to the install folder
  • Fixed: [3467137][2250823] The default font is “Courier new”. But when one opens the font dialog then “Microsoft Sans Serif” is selected.
  • Fixed: [3467141] The Back color of the viewer is not take into account for user interaction/action configuration (text Example)