I got a request a while back to add column headers for the database listeners.

At the first glance it might seem like a simple thing to implement, so I did like I usually do and opened my code editor, but reality came around fast as lightning.

So, now dear users I need some help figuring out how column headers should work.

PLEASE write a comment to this post if you want to affect the outcome of column headers are implemented in logview4net.

I’ll list the gotchas that I’ve found this far, but I’ll keep my current idea for a solution out of here for a while ‘cause it’s not very good.

  • There can be more than one active listener in a viewer, writing messages in unpredictable order.

  • Any column headers will scroll of the screen eventually.

  • Writing column headers before each new message makes the ouput unreadable.

Here’s your chance to prove open source is superior. Bring it on.