Thanks to the great work of Balzás Botond there is now a MySQL Listener.

I also fixed a bug in MSSQL-Listener. The first row in a table was ignored if the user unchecked ‘Start at end’.

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MySql Listener does a tail on a table in a MySql Database. The documentation is a copy of the MSSQL-Listener. Please comment if you have questions or want some changes.

  • Prefix: A small text that is shown before the event in the viewer to indicate where the event came from.
  • Server: Hostname or IP of the SQL-Server
  • User: Username to use for login.
  • Password: Password to use for login.
  • Database: The databes to use.
  • Table: The table to watch.
  • Max Column: The column to SELECT MAX from to find new rows.
  • Poll intervall: How often, in milliseconds, to check the table for new rows.
  • Start at end: When this is checked only new items are showed. When it is not checked the listener starts with getting all rows in the table.

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