UDP Listener

UDP Listener listens for UDP traffic on a given port.

  • Sender IP: This is the IPv4 adress of the udp package sender.
  • Port: The port to listen on.
  • Prefix: A small text that is shown before the event in the viewer to indicate where the event came from.

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  2. How do you get UPD listener to listen to remote addresses.

    I have logview4net on my development machine and easily view logs using remoteaddress and, say, port 8080 as all the docs reference.

    However, once deployed to our test server I still want to monitor the log from my local machine. On test I configure the log configuration udp stanza with remote address for the test server and using port 8080.

    Then in logview4net I repeat the settings but get the error:
    The UDP listener could not be started at port 8082
    Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted

    Advice appreciated.

  3. I’m not sure I understand but; you have to set the test server to send to your local IP-address.

    You can only have one UDP Listener per port, though if you use ANY as the Sender IP your listener will get the UDP packages from any remote (or local) machine sending packages to you.

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